Hi, my name is Thiago and I love to code

My first contact with programming was while studying Electrical Engineering, at Federal University of São João del-Rei. Member of GCOM (Control and Modelling Group), I develop new methods on Chaos Based Cryptography. Also, I am the developer of the streaming service with the largest collection of films in Brazil.



Journalism and culture in one place

Coioteflix is ​​a streaming platform where subscribers have access to thousands of journalistic and cultural content. Here you can find informative videos from TV Coiote, movies, series and classic cartoons, as well as many other productions.

This project was developed using Jellyfin as base software. I've made major modifications in order to enable a massive library and large-scale operation, in addition to a robust infrastructure of servers and backup systems, while trying to keep operating costs low. The application supports all major browsers, some TVs, Chromecast and Android devices.

Dashpoint mockup


Apollo Knoweledge Base

A place to store knowledge I acquired and found useful during the years

Apollo is an easy tool to store information I find useful, either for further consultation or for sharing with the community. There I post some random pieces of knowledge that I found hard to find, therefore the need to share with other people that might need them.

I hope people start creating public databases like this, so progresses with software development, bug fixes and interesting resources could be easily accessed and used by the community.

Apollo Knoweledge Base


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